So you want to be an elite Montana Beer Spotter do you? You think you can sip and seek with the best of us? Well, we need you!

Being a Montana Beer Spotter is easy. But it doesn't pay and there isn't any free beer involved (yet).

We are looking for beer-thirsty individuals all over the great state of Montana who can keep our site fresh with beer sightings, beer news and all other Montana beer related happenings.

As a Montana Beer Spotter, you will be responsible for collecting and posting information on the following:
  • Unique sightings of limited or rare beers (including location, price and photo if possible - Note: this is NOT limited to Montana beers. It's all-inclusive.)
  • Beer festivals and special events
  • Stellar beer news that Montana beer drinkers need to know about

If you think you can handle it, CONTACT US and include the following information: your location, your top three beer stores you shop at, your favorite beer style and a couple sentences on why you want to be an official Montana Beer Spotter

Meet Our Montana Beer Spotters
Ryan Newhouse
Ryan Newhouse - Ryan is a dark beer kind of guy. With a blend of Germanic and Southern roots, he likes to drink the good stuff and cook with okay stuff. And he's always looking for the next full glass. Read Ryan's Posts.

Alan McCormick
Alan McCormick - Alan is a craft beer explorer, recovering homebrewer, and active beer runner.  He calls Missoula, MT home where he's the creator of Growler Fills - Craft Beer Enthusiam. Robust stouts, porters, nut brown ales and imperial IPAs put a big smile on his face, but he's always trying something new where ever he goes. Read Alan's Posts.
Joe Fairchild
Joe Fairchild - Joe has been an addicted home brewer for about four years now. He eats, sleeps, reads, and drinks beer. He is attempting to break into the professional brewing scene when the time is right. Joe’s favorite beer is either 120 Minute IPA by Dogfish Head or Goose Island's Bourbon County Stout. Read Joe's Posts.

Dan Lee
Dan Lee - Dan is a family man and avid homebrewer. He loves brewing and considers himself a 10th level beer nerd. Dan feels that picking a favorite beer, or even beer style, is impossible for him, as what he most loves about beer is its infinite variety. He is always seeking out new beers to taste. Read Dan's Posts.
Shawn Altenburg
Shawn Altenburg – Shawn is a 3rd generation Flathead valley native who loves and needs big mountains, big water and big beer to keep my wife and I occupied. Shawn encourages folks to enjoy all of them responsibly via Montana Elements Magazine. Read Shawn's Posts.

Ryan PfeifleRyan Pfeifle - Ryan Pfeifle is a 4th Generation wheat and barley farmer from Power Montana. While working a desk job as a engineer Ryan's desire (need) to drink lead to homebrewing.  Unexpectedly homebrewing opened Ryan's eye the the amazing world of craft beer. After following his wife to Scotland for a year his transform to full fledged beer geek was complete. Returning home the farm came calling where Ryan now focuses on Family, Farming, and Fermented Beverages. Read Ryan's Posts.

Duncan McKay Duncan McKay is an avid home brewer and lover of all things craft beer. Imperial IPA, Imperial Stout, Barley Wine, and any other high gravity ale that belongs in a snifter glass rather than a pint glass are right up his alley. His favorite beer/beer experience was tracking down and sampling the holy grail of IPAs, Pliny the Younger Triple IPA from Russian River Brewing Co. Read Duncan's posts.

Jeffrey von Kiper - I was born and raised in Louisiana during a period when craft beer didn't exist. I eventually moved to Seattle and was introduced to the craft beer explosion of the Pacific Northwest. Before you could say, "I'll have another," I was a beer snob, young and opinionated. I moved to Columbia Falls in 2003 and have never regretted it. I have a friend that I brewery hop with and she has taught me a valuable lesson: we all have different tastes, so my new mantra is, "They are all great, I just have my favorites." Read Jeffrey's posts.

Josh Roberson - Josh is a former Atlanta, Georgia, area craft beer fanatic that's been obsessed since he could legally purchase his first pint. After a few years working/living in Yellowstone National Park, as well as Big Sky Resort, Josh decided to make a permanent relocation to the best place that he could find to be a fly-fisherman, snowboarder, climber, and a craft beer enthusiast, Bozeman. Josh lives on the dark side...but won't ever turn down a sour or anything on nitro. Of course, he also appreciates cans.
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